Get solar panels at competitive prices – the average retail price per watt is around R 3,80 depending on size, quantity, brand and supplier availability.
Panels are on average the second most expensive component of a solar solution and getting quality panels at an affordable price is essential for the best return on your solar investment.
Solar panels prices vary considerably and can change from month to month depending on demand and availability.

Latest Solar Panel Prices

Solar Panel Prices

Average solar panel prices and popular panel sizes

  • 480w Average Panel Price  from R 1559
  • 550W Average Panel Price  from R 2099
  • 600W Average Panel Price from R 2589.00

Currently the most popular panel size is 550W mono panels with an average price of around R 3.8 per watt.
Solar Deals only recommend panels with a minimum 12year warranty and a 25year or greater performance warranty these are the requirements for a tier 1 panels that can be supported by backup service for hat period.

Most installations will require multiple panels to run your solar solution to help you determine how many panels you would need for your system to meet your specific requirements we have a handy tool to quickly and accurately determine the how many panels you will need, making it easy to determine the how many panels you will need and the overall solar panel prices for you system, check out our solar calculator designed to size your entire system the inverter size, PV array size and battery storage.

Panel Install on tile roof

Solar Potential Output South africa

How does your area you live in affect the solar panel prices for you system.
On average South Africa has around 5 peak hours of sun production time over a year this is an average for the entire country but depending on your area you may have a higher or lower PV production hour average and this can directly affect the over solar panel prices for your system.
For example
Johannesburg and Pretoria have an average of 5KW per day.
Cape Town has an average of 4.6kw h per day
Bloemfontein has an average of 5.2kw h per day
Durban has an average of 4KW hours per Day
Pietermaritzburg 4.2KW PV production per day

The lower the PV production number is the more PV capacity you will need to produce the same amount of power than an area with higher production number.
When it comes to installing panels it is generally better to over spec the size of you PV arrays although this will increase to overall solar panel price on a solar solution you will benefit in two main areas, higher production capacity earlier in the mornings and in later afternoon allowing batteries that have been discharged overnight to charge up quicker and give you extra production during overcast weather conditions.

PV output potential South Africa

Other considerations when calculating the overall solar panels prices for your system.
There are three main components when designing a system, the panels needed for solar production, the inverter for converting DC power to AC power and managing the system and the battery storage to store the power produced by the solar panels for either self-consumption or backup power. These prices will vary depending on the type and capacity of the entire system.
Generally a Hybrid inverter will cost more than a grid tied and off grid inverter, the amount of storage will have a big impact of the total price the more power you use out of peak PV production time will increase the amount of storage required if you want to use battery capacity for self-consumption.
There are also the smaller items to consider to get the overall solar panel prices like the mounting structure there is different mounting structures for different roofing structures and what material is required for the mounting structure, like coastal areas it is better to use aluminium rails instead of galvanised or other solutions.
Mounting for panels pricing in order of most expensive to least expensive.
Free standing structure specifically built for ground mounted panels.
Flat and concreate rooves require an a-frame structure
Tiled roof
Then corrugated and IBR roofing.
Note : Panels are not allowed to be installed on thatch structures.

mounting for solar panels

Cabling for the panels is another cost that will impact on the installed solar panel prices, which has factors like the gauge of the cable used for the solar panels generally systems that allow for higher voltage are more efficient.
The distance of the panels from the inverter there further the distance the more PV cable will be needed.
On low voltage systems you would need smaller string capacity which means there will be more cables running from the panels to the inverter increasing the overall price of the solar panel installation.
Latest prices
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To work out how many panels you would need for your installation use of solar calculator, the calculator will calculate the amount of panels you need for your requirement in your area, what size inverter and how much battery storage you would need.

Popular Inverters to get the most out of your solar panels:

Deye Inverter Range

3KW Deye – Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter  -8KW Deye 12KW Deye -16KW Deye -50KW Deye

Sunsynk Inverter Range

Sunsynk 5KW Hybrid Inverter – 8KW Sunsynk – 12 KW Sunsynk  -16KW Sunsynk – 50KW Sunsynk