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Complete Solar Solutions

Commercial and Residential

Off Grid / Backup Solar Solutions

There is a solution to suit your power needs whether you want a system to provide backup power or have total freedom from the grid

Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid solution are ideal for saving energy with intelligent power management and providing reliable backup reducing or eliminating grid reliance.

Grid Tied Solutions

Where savings and reducing grid power usage is a priority for day time consumers grid tie solution are the way to go.

Reliable tried and tested solar solutions


SA’s Most Popular Inverters

DeyeDeye Inverter, a brand that offers a wide range of inverter sizes tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require grid backup or a complete solar solution, the full hybrid inverters are designed to deliver exceptional performance. Discover the numerous benefits of choosing a Deye Inverter today.

Sunsynk: Embrace the Reliability of a Well-Supported Full Hybrid Inverter
When it comes to full hybrid inverters, like Deye you simply can’t go wrong with Sunsynk. With a strong support system in place, Sunsynk ensures that you have a seamless experience inverters. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of a Sunsynk inverter to power your energy needs.

LuxpowerLuxpower: Unleash the Power of a Solid Inverter for Grid Backup and Small Off-Grid Solutions
Luxpower offers a solid and dependable inverter solution, perfect for grid backup and small off-grid applications. With our inverter, you can rest assured that your energy needs will be met efficiently and effectively. Experience the reliability of Luxpower today.


Goodwe: Quiet and Reliable Quality, an Inverter with a Proven Track Record
When it comes to inverters, a Goodwe inverter stands out as a trusted and reputable brand. Known for its quiet operation and reliable performance, Goodwe has established a strong track record in South Africa. A solid hybrid inverter that delivers on its promises.


Looking for a backup or small to medium off grid solution at an affordable price check out the Mecer Inverter range

How to size your system - Free Calculator

Use our free online calcuator to design and size a solar solution that meets your requirments.

Calculations are based on average consumption, how much power is consumed out of solar power production time and what percentage of power you would like to save.

Experience Freedom  From Load Shedding

Don't let lack of energy delivery or system failures interrupt your lifestyle live and work without interruption, invest in a backup solution with or without solar panels to keep your lights on and reduce your reliance on an unstable grid. 

Complete Solar Solutions

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Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries A wide selection of premium imported or locally assembled solar battery options are available in South Africa. Reducing your reliance on the grid through self-consumption and providing reliable clean efficient energy backup when the grid fails. Making the right choice of battery system for your energy storage needs is critical for the optimal…

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters -Off Grid, Hybrid and Grid Tie The heart of your solar solution Quality, well supported solar inverters in South Africa Deye Inverter options 3KW  to 16KW Single Phase 12KW – 50KW Three Phase Sunsynk Inverter Hybrid Solar  5KW 16KW Single Phase 12KW – 50KW Three Phase Goodwe Hybrid Solar Inverters 6.6KW to 250KW…

Popular Hybrid and off grid Inverter

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