Save Your Battery Power For The Essential Loads

Turn off your heavy loads on a Sub DB without running additional AC cable or reliaing on WiFi

Examples Sub-Distribution Board Connected Loads

  • Turn your pool pump off and keep the boundary lights on.
  • Turn the cottage geyser off keep the lights and plug points on.

No WiFi Required

No signal an unreliable WiFi issues. The power control unit uses existing power cable infrastructure to remotely control devices

1000m Operating Range

No signal an unreliable WiFi issue. The power control unit uses existing power cable infrastructure to remotely control devices

Time & LabourSaving

No need to chase walls or dig up concrete, remotely control devices on sub-distribution broads without installing AC cables between main and sub-db

Plug and Play

Quick easy installation. No complicated configuration simple to set and easy to install. Manually set and install.

  • Automatically power off non-essential during load shedding and power outages
  • Suitable for hybrid and grid backup solutions.
  • No need for long AC cable runs for non-essentials load isolation on sub boards.
  • Working distance up to 1000m
  • No WiFi required fully autonomous.
  • No complicated setup plug and play, install and forgert.
  • Can be used to remote control devices on main or sub-DB.
  • Control multiple devices simultaneously or control devices independently.

No AC cable Isolation Needed

No chasing walls digging up paving, laying difficult or long run AC cables from the main DB to sub-DB

Remote Switch More Info

Control electrical feed to all electrical equipment over powerline up to 1000m, single or multiple devices grouped or individually.

Plug and Play – quick easy setup.


Remote switch, isolate appliances, lights, heavy loads or any electrical equipment on a single circuit, automatically or manually.

Solar and UPS – Isolate heavy draw equipment on a single circuit without having to run additional cables to save battery power for the essential loads, control manually or automatically.

Visual or audible notification of power outages.

Battery saver

Automatically power off selected heavy or common loads not needed to run during power outages.

Audible or visual alert can be setup to notify you that you are in load shedding or have a grid failure you can manually manage consumption.

Isolate Geysers, Air Conditioners, Pool Pumps Washing machines, dish washers and more.

No need to run AC cable for isolation.


Need to power exterior security lights that run from the pool sub DB isolate or power of the pump only leaving the lights on no lengthy AC cable runs needed.

Add the cottage on to backup lights and plugs power off geyser or stove no Wi-Fi or additional AC cable runs needed

Power off any selected plug points or equipment during load shedding you can’t or are difficult to isolate from the essential loads.

Use the battery saver with a timers to manage peak loads.

Remotely control multiple circuits.

Include a description of what your requirements are