Deye 5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

This is an ideal hybrid solar inverter for both residential and small office applications where your peak essential loads are low where you need to maintain reliable backup power to small appliances TV, Fridge, lights and other electronics PC, WiFI ETC. The Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter can provide a constant peak power of 5KW with a maximum of 6KW to your essential loads. The Deye 5KW hybrid inverter can manage power automatically using excess production to supplement your heavy loads like geyser and stove if this option is used.
With a full PV array the system can produce on average 25KW per day.

5KW Deye Inverter

Deye Logo - Deye 5KW Hybrid inverter

  • Deye 5KW Hybrid inverter.
  • Intelligent power management.
  • Use without solar panels as a reliable grid backup system or with solar panels providing reliable backup and efficient self-consumption.
  • The 5KW with >5KW PV array can produce 25KW on average per day.
  • Up to 16 unit in parallel. The system can be paralleled on single phase or on a three phase environment.
  • Compatible with Lithium-ion and Lead Acid batteries.
  • Generator input automatically signal for the generator to start or manual start.
  • Wi-Fi for remote monitoring of active status and historical data.
  • Provides reliable stable backup for essential loads and can export power to non-essential load or grid.
Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter Overview

Deye 5KW Hybrid inverter components

1: Inverter Indicators (LED Indicators)

2: LCD display (Touch Screen Display Status and Settings)

3: Function Buttons (Esc, Enter, Navigation U/D)

4: Battery input connectors

5: RS 485 Serial Communication Port

6: CAN Port Communication

7: DRMs Port

8: Parallel port

9: Function Port

10: Generator input

11: Load (Essential Loads)

12: Grid (Main AC Input)

13: Power on/off button

14: DC Switch (PV On/Off)

15: PV input with two MPPT

16: Battery DC Connection

17: Temperature sensor (Battery)

18: Wi-Fi Interface

Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter Features

• Self-consumption and feed-in to the grid.
• Auto restart while AC is recovering.
• Programmable supply priority for battery or grid.
• Programmable multiple operation modes: On grid, off grid and UPS.
• Configurable battery charging current/voltage based on applicationsvia LCD setting.
• Configurable AC/Solar/Generator Charger priority by LCD setting.
• Compatible with mains voltage or generator power.
• Overload/over temperature/short circuit protection.
• Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
• With limit function, prevent excess power overflow to the grid.
• Supporting WI-FI monitoring and build-in 2 strings of MPP trackers
• Smart selectable three stages MPPT charging for optimised battery performance.
• Time of use function.
• Smart Load Function.

Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter Dimensions

Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows basic application of this Deye 5kw Hybrid inverter.
It also includes following devices for a complete running system.
– Generator or Utility
– PV modules
Consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your
This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment, including motor
type appliances such as refrigerator and air conditioner.

Deye 5KW hybrid Inverter Installation Basics

Parts List Included in the box

Deye Inverter

Wall Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bolts

Comms Cable

Hex L-Key

User Manual

Temperature Sensor

CT Clamp

Deye Wi-Fi Stick

The items listed are included with your Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter

Mounting Instructions

The Deye 5KW Hybrid inverter is designed for outdoor use (IP65), Please make sure the installation site
meets below conditions:

  •  Not in direct sunlight
  • Not in areas where highly flammable materials are stored.
  • Not in potential explosive areas
  • Not in the cool air directly.
  • Not near the television Antenna or antenna cable.
  • Not higher than altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.
  • Not in environment of precipitation or humidity (>95%)
remove inverter cover plate to install cables
Considering the following points before selecting where to install the Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter:
  • Please select a vertical wall with load-bearing capacity for installation, suitable for installation on concrete or other non-flammable surfaces, installation is shown below.
  • Install this inverter at eye level in order to allow the LCD display to be read at all times.
  • The ambient temperature should be between -25~60C to ensure optimal operation.
  • Be sure to keep other objects and surfaces as shown in the diagram to guarantee sufficient
    heat dissipation and have enough space for removing wires.
  • For proper air circulation to dissipate heat, allow a clearance of approximately. 50cm to the side and
  • approx. 50cm above and below the unit. And 100cm to the front.

Mounting the inverter

  • Remember that this inverter is heavy! Please be careful when lifting out from the package.
  • Choose the recommend drill head (as shown in below pic) to drill 4 holes on the wall, 52-60mm deep.
5KW Inverter hanging place sunsynk and deye
attach inverter to haning plate

Battery Connection

For safe operation and compliance, a separate DC over-current protector or disconnect device is
required between the battery and the Deye 5KW Hybrid inverter. In some applications, a dis-connector or switching devices may not
be required but over-current protectors are still required.

Please follow below steps to implement battery connection:

  1. Please choose a suitable battery cable with correct connector which can well fit into the battery terminals
  2. Use a suitable screwdriver to unscrew the bolts and fit the battery connectors in, then fasten the bolt by the screwdriver, make sure the bolts are tightened with torque of 5.2 N.M.
  3. Nm in clockwise direction, make sure polarity at both the battery and inverter is correctly connected.
  4. To insure the inverter connector is fasten to waterproof position by twisting it clockwise.
5kw hybrid inverter battery connections
Inverter Battery Polarity Warning lable

Ac Connection - Grid and Backup

  1. Before connecting to grid, please install a separate AC breaker between inverter and grid. Also, it is recommended that installs an AC breaker between backup load and inverter.This will ensure the inverter can be securely disconnected during maintenance and fully protected from over current.
  2. For the 3.6/5KW model, the recommended AC breaker for backup load is 32A/40A.
  3. Before making Grid, load and Gen port connection, be sure to turn off AC baeaker or disconnector first.
  4. Remove insulation sleeve 10mm length, unscrew the bolts, insert the wires according to polarities indicated on the terminal block and tighten the terminal screws. Make sure the connection is complete.
  5. For the 3.6/5KW model, the recommended AC breaker for grid is 40A.
  6. There are three terminal blocks with “Grid” “Load”and “GEN” markings. Please do not mis-connect input and output connectors.
  7. Then, insert AC output wires according to polarities indicated on the terminal block and tighten
    terminal. Be sure to connect corresponding N wires and PE wires to related terminals as well.
  8. Make sure the wires are securely connected.
  9. Appliances such as air conditioner are required at least 2-3 minutes to restart because it is
    required to have enough time to balance refrigerant gas inside of circuit. If a power shortage
    occurs and recovers in short time, it will cause damage to your connected appliances. To prevent this kind of damage, please check manufacturer of air conditioner if it is equipped with time-delay function before installation. Otherwise, this inverter will trigger overload fault and cut off output to protect your appliance but sometimes it still causes internal damage to the air conditioner.
ac-connections 5kw
generator grid load connections

PV - Panel Connections

Install a PV Combiner / Protection box between the Deye 5kw inverter and PV modules. It is very important for system safety and efficient operation

Use appropriate cable for PV module connections – Use 4mm – 6mm solar cable.

When selecting PV modules, please be sure to consider below parameters:

  1. Open circuit Voltage (Voc) of PV modules not exceeds max. PV array open circuit voltage of inverter.
  2. Open circuit Voltage (Voc) of PV modules should be higher than min. start voltage.

5KW PV Input voltage ranges ranges

  • PV Input Voltage : 100V – 500V
  • PV Array MPPT Voltage Range : 125V – 425V
  • There are 2 MPPT trackers 1 string can be connected per MPPT.


CT Clamp

LThe CT Clamp needs to be installed at the correct location

inverter ct clamp

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor used with Lead Acid batteries

Temperature sensor

5KW Deye Wiring

Wiring diagrams for Deye 5KW inverter:

  • Single unit with no special requirements.
  • Single unit with the Neutral and Earth Bonding
  • Parallel on single phase
  • Parallel on three phase