Goodwe Inverters

A wide range of single-phase and three-phase solar inverters are provided for residential applications to meet household needs and commercial for reliable and sustainable power generation. Being light-weight, highly efficient, and low-cost, GoodWe solar inverters are designed to be simple to install, operate, and maintain so as to ensure a quick return on investment (ROI).

Goodwe has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PV inverters. Sold in over 100 Countries

GoodWe ES series 3.6KW - 5KW

The GoodWe ES series bi-directional energy storage inverter can be used for both on-grid and off-grid PV systems, with the ability to control the flow of energy intelligently. During the day, the PV array generates electricity which can be provided either to the loads, fed into the grid or charge the battery, depending on the economics and set-up. The electricity stored can be released when the loads require it during the night, including inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators. Additionally, the power grid can also charge storage devices via the inverter. An all-round intelligent system for maximum energy flexibility.

Used Goowe ES 4.6

GoodWe ET series 50-80 kW | Three phase | Hybrid

GoodWe ET 15-30kW Series inverter is ideal for large residential or small commercial and industrial applications. As the core of the energy storage solution, the high-voltage inverters facilitate powerful energy backup and load management for optimized autonomy and reduced energy cost. The ET inverters also present peak shaving that balances power demand and grid power imported, to effectively reduce extra grid demand. Furthermore, thanks to dry contact in the inverter, external loads such as heat pumps can also be flexibly activated to optimize energy consumption. The series can be combined with a range of battery capacities and brands, including the GoodWe Lynx Home F. 

GoodWe MT series inverters 50-80 kW | Three phase

GoodWe MT series inverter is suited for medium and large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems where maximum versatility and profitability are important. With its compact design and power boost function, the Goodwe MT series of the new generation can provide a 150% continuous maximum AC output power overload, offering a faster return on investment. The start-up voltage is 200 V, much lower than other products, which makes the inverter start up earlier, therefore generating more power over time.

GoodWe HT series inverters 225/250 kW ∣ Three phase

The new HT1500V Series (225/250kW) is GoodWe’s top inverter with an extensive list of features designed to reduce system and O&M costs. It is a perfect choice for the utilization of utility-scale centralized PV plants to maximize the return of investment. The HT1500V Series boasts options of 6 MPPTs and 12 MPPTs, reactive power compensation, and is compatible with bifacial 182mm/210mm modules. It features string level monitoring for intelligent detection of current issues. The series is also equipped with optional Anti-PID function and can realize 24-hour monitoring. For GW225KN-HT & GW250KN-HT, the unique mechanism of smart string protection switch is supported for the DC side protection against short circuits or reverse connections. The configuration of the HT1500V can be easily done via bluetooth, while firmware diagnosis and upgrading can be operated remotely. These outstanding sets of features were conceived to ensure the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and a utility that runs efficiently.