Get a 5KW fully installed hybrid inverter for R 85 999 or as little as R 950 pm an off grid solar system for as little a R 74999

Solar prices have fluctuated significantly over the past couple of years generally increasing with high demand and stock shortages, currently solar systems are at an all-time low making it the best time to go solar.Low solar Prices

Due to the suspension of load shedding demand has decreased and with the increase in competition in the solar market prices are at an all-time low, so if you haven’t taken the leap and installed solar now is the time.

With the suspension of load shedding you may feel it is no longer necessary to install a system, in all probability load shedding will return sooner than you think, there are numerous news article outlying that the suspension of load shedding is temporary and rectifying South Africa power production and supply will take decades.

Solar should be considered for two reasons backup power and savings or reduced reliance on the grid. With the return of load shedding a certainty, the rising price of  grid power and the current low price of solar it makes sense to make the move to solar now don’t wait till the demand is high and system prices sky rocket again.

How to go solar?

Although solar is currently cheaper than it has been for quite some it still quite a significant outlay for a full system so what are your options.

There are rent to own options which we not going to go into detail about but are attractive for no up-front cost and reasonably affordable monthly rental options however the rentals will generally increase per annum and when it is time to when you can buy the system you will, most likely pay more the system than it would cost to install a new system at that time.

Finance and outright purchases are good options with the low cost of solar and the higher per unit price of grid power your ROI is the best it has ever been in South Africa with a correctly sized solar system paying for itself in shortest time period ever.

Financing a solar solution the right way and a system that is correctly sized and is operated as designed to should actually reduce your monthly expenditure where the repayment on your system would be less than the amount you would need to pay on the amount of electricity you would be saving form solar.

So the move to go solar makes sense more now while there is a suspension in load shedding and the added benefit when load shedding returns you will be in the ideal position and have your backup in place.

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