Luxpower SNA5000 5kw Inverter

The SNA range of Luxpower inverters is a well rounded off grid inverter and with intelligent power management with a hybrid working mode to increase self-consumption, offering reliable and stable grid backup or off grid setup. With its affordable price and great features the SNA5000 series Luxpower is a popular choice of inverter to maintain reliable power on an unstable grid and beat load shedding and general grid outages.
The inverter can be installed as a grid backup solution with or without solar panels providing reliable seamless continuity of power.

Luxpower 5KW SNA5000 Features

  • The system can be used with Lead Acid and is compatible with a wide range of lithium batteries, with a wide battery voltage range and a charge current of 110A.
  • On the solar side the Luxpower SNA5000 has two separate MPPT inputs with a high voltage range between 100V – 450V with a maximum solar input of 6400W.
  • AC connections for Single phase or unbalanced three phase, it include a separate generator input with a dry contact relay to signal the generator to automatically start when the battery storage runs low giving you greater freedom from the grid, there is also support for split loads and feed in control function.
  • The system supports paralleling of up to 10 units to increase capacity where the host inverter is automatically generated to manage the entire system.
  • The inverter is supplied with a Wi-Fi dongle which can be connected to the user home or office Wi-Fi network and connecting to Luxpower’s free monitoring system with multilevel account control and remote upgrades, remote BMS control and updates. The monitoring system can be used accessed via the mobile app available for android from Google Play and iPhone from the Apple store the monitoring centre can also be accessed with a browser on your PC.
  • The Luxpower 5KW has a LCD display and control buttons of the front to access system information and configure the unit settings.

Luxpower SNA5000 Specifications


  • Model: SNA 5000 WPV
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Battery voltage: 48VDC.


  • Normal Voltage: 230Vac.
  • AC Voltage Range: 110-280Vac.
  • Max. Charge Current: 60A.
  • Frequency Range: 50/60Hz(Auto Sensing).


  • Dimensions(W/H/D): 330x504x135mm.


  • Rated power: 5000W/5000VA.
  • Parallel capacity: YES.
  • Normal output voltage: 230/240, Split phase 220/110 Vac *.
  • Normal output frequency: 50/60Hz.
  • Surge power: 10000VA.
  • Switch time: 10ms.
    Waveform: Pure sine wave.
  • Battery Type: Lithium/Lead-Acid.
  • Normal Voltage: 51.2V/48V.
  • Max. Charge Voltage: 59V.

Solar Input.

  • Max. Recommended PV Power: 3200W/3200W total 6400W.
  • MPPT Tracker: 2.
  • Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage: 480Vdc.
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 100-385Vdc.
  • Max. Solar Charge Current: 100A.
  • Max. Solar Input Current: 13A/13A.
  • Max. MPPT E¬iciency: >98%.
  • Parallel MPPT: Charger: YES.

Luxpoer 5KW Inverter Applications

Residential or office backup solution as an affordable and quieter replacement for a generator to maintain reliable continuous power
With the option of using a generator as an alternative power source to keep the batteries charged during extended grid power outages.
Pure off grid scalable solution where grid power is not available or required running the loads entirely from PV and battery storage.
With the option of using a generator as an alternative power source to keep the batteries charged and the load running when pv power is insufficient.


Inverter Interface

5kw -luxpower-interface1
5kw -luxpower-interface2