Solar Installations Durban

Professional, qualified and experienced solar installers.

Contact us for residential or commercial solar installers, for installations of hybrid, off grid, grid tied and grid backup solutions.

Durban : Hybrid, Grid Tied and Off Grid Solar Solutions

Supply of solar solutions in Durban, solar panels, inverters, batteries – complete solutions suited to humid conditions.

Aluminum panel mounting

Hybrid Solar solutions are ideal for Durban residential and small business, offering a good balance between cost vs savings and providing backup for regular power outages.

Hybrid Solar Installation (Charge the batteries, power essential and common load)
  • Benefits
    • Reliable backup power for load shedding and grid failure
    • Excellent energy saving potential
    • Batteries charged from solar or grid
    • Flexible operation modes
Backup Solar Installations – (panels keep the batteries charge and power the essentials)
  • Benefits
    • Good reliable backup power
    • Energy saving on essential load
    • Batteries charged from solar and grid
    • Short battery charging times 2 hours
    • No noise
Grid tied – Energy Saving solution (Power or supplement the load)
  • Benifits
    • Ruduction in grid power consumption
    • Excellent Savings vs system cost