Remote Monitoring

SOLARMAN Remote solar monitoring and control

Easily monitor you solar solution, system status, alerts. Help you to make your system more efficient with easily to visualise live and historical data, household consumption vs production, a valuable tool in reducing your reliance on grid power and identifying any system issues Free from SOLARMAN


Sunsynk Inverter

Live Plant Monitoring

Live data - PV production, consumption inverter and battery status

Historical Data

Plant performance can be viewed, days months and years


System error and alerts current and historical for quick diagnosis

Multiple Plant Access

Access multiple solar plants from a single account

Easy Set-up

Easy plant creation and user authirisation

Remote Control

Installer access, configure plant settings remotely


Tracks savings through solar power production, easy to calculate ROI

Secure Access

Secure multiple level access for end user, installer and support.

SOLARMAN Business Perfectly fulfils the needs of solar installers making PV plant management easy, efficient and effective.

Solarman Icon

SOLARMAN Smart – Monitors and visualises all conditions of connected devices at the end user site, energy management has never been easier.