Black Friday Special

Fully installed solutions

5KW Grid Backup and Hybrid Solutions fully installed

With 5.1KW Lithium Storage (7000cycles 10year warranty)

General Info

All system provide reliable stable backup power and can be expanded.

Hybrid system provide energy savings and reliable backup power

Black Friday Specials – Fully installed systems

5KW Full hybrid inverter Deye,5KW Off Grid Lux Power

5.1KW lithium storage LBSA wall mount

7000 Cycles 10 year warranty

Panels 400 – 455W

  • The above pricing is including installation and components required on a standard installation roof mounted system and excludes flat roof or ground mounting structures.
  • Price may vary under the following conditions:
  • If the inverter is more than 15 meters from the panels, additional solar cable may be required.
  • If the inverter is more than 5 meters from the main db board additional AC cable may be required.
  • Price excludes any work needed to be done on an existing electrical installation to make it compliant or compatible.
  • Price excludes any civil work if required.
  • Price are and promotion is subject to availability of stock.