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Solar Geyser - Retrofit Conversion Kit 150lt

The direct system is used in frost-free locations where the ambient temperature never falls below 5ºC and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total Dissolved Solids/Minerals).
The solarfit conversion kit direct system is used in conjunction with an existing installed Kwikot domestic electric water heater, which is installed inside the roof (Split System) and without an integrated heat exchanger. The water from the electric water heater is circulated through the solar vacuum tubes by means of a 12V solar circulating pump (pump circulating method), transferring solar energy into the electric water heater and heating the water directly.



  • Vacuum Tubes 16
  • Vacuum Tube Frame
  • Frame Brackets
  • Installation Component Kit
  • Thermostatoc Mixing Valce
  • 220v Circulating Pump



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