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Lithium ion vs Lead Acid

  "Should I go for lead acid batteries or lithium ion batteries." Although the initial cost o [ ... ]

Best way to reduce power consumption

"What is the most cost effective way reduce power consumption and going off the grid using solar."  [ ... ]

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"What do I need to get totally off the grid using solar power.
How much will it cost to go off the grid."

We are often asked by customers what they will need to be totally independent form grid power. There is no one solution that suits all installations there are a lot of variables to consider, the main considerations being your total monthly power consumption, peak load and budget.

Total monthly power consumption
This will be the total Kilo Watt usage per month, this is easily obtained from your municipal bill.

Peak usage
This is the highest power consumption you have at any given time.
Your peak power consumption can be more accurately determined with a digital power meter (These devices and track your Peak power usage and average power usage)

There are a variety of brands and equipment configurations that will determine how much your solar system will cost.
Basic factors that will determine prices on a specific size installation.
Brand and quality on all equipment (Panels, Chargers, Inverters and batteries)
Type of battery – (lithium ion or lead acid)
Inverters, charge controllers,  MPPT all in one  systems or separate built up systems.


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