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Solar Batteries South Africa

Do you need Solar Batteries - For solar power backup or off the grid solutions.
We supply a large variety for solar batteries, the most commonly used solar batteries in South Africa are lead acid solar batteries, Lithium ion and gel batteries.
Basically the general rule of thumb when it comes to solar batteries South Africa is that the more expensive the battery the higher the capacity and or lifespan will be.
Lithium ion batteries generally have a higher power to weight ratio, they also have a longer lifespan than lead acid batteries.

Lead Acid Solar Batteries South Africa
Are a much cheaper option but there overall lifespan is not that good, they should not be discharged to below 50% this will damage the batteries and shorten their  lifespan and usefulness, lead acid batteries should also only be used in areas where leaking will not pose any danger normally in well ventilated out buildings or covered area
Lithium-ion Solar Batteries South Africa
Lit-ion are would normally be more than double the price of lead acid but can be discharged to around 90% of total capacity without causing damage, there are also cleaner and safer, the can be installed indoors. The total lifespan is far better than that of lead acid batteries so long term replace batteries less often will work out cheaper.

Some good lead acid batteries will have the same total lifespan cost of a lithium ion battery.

cost vs capacity solar batteries south africa


Solar batteries south africa lifespan cost


Solar Batteries South Africa : brands we supply
LG Chem
Victron Energy
Pylon Tech
Omni Power

Contact us for quotes for Solar batteries South Africa – Replacement of existing batteries, adding storage to your existing solar installation or complete new solar system with storage.


Solar batteries South Africa Inspection service
Your batteries not holding charge could be dangerous, let us access you batteries it may be time to replace.

Lead acid batteries may leak Hydrogen gas which is flammable and can explode, also leak highly corrosive and toxic sulphuric acid.

Avoid sparks, smoking or opne flames around lead acid batteries.

Dangers of Batteries - Solar Batteries South Africa

exploding battery

.....How batteries can explode – and how to avoid it


lead acid Solar Batteries South Africa Dangers

Disposal of you deep cell units - Solar Batteries South Africa

We can assist in the removal and disposal of old or faulty batteries not ony for solar systems but any UPS using deepcell batteries. -Contact Us

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