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Get the best quality products and best Solar Panel Prices South Africa has to offer. Understanding your needs and creating a solar system that is right for you and fits your budget.

Solar panel prices South Africa. Over the last couple of years the solar market has boomed and for those wanting to go green the large variety of products and wide-ranging prices from suppliers and installers makes ordering a solar system a daunting task. The good thing is the increase in competition and information should bring pricing down.

how cheep can solar panel prices get

“Dramatic” Solar Price Reductions Will Only Continue So will Solar Panel Prices South Africa

Information you need to know before you buy!

This Solar Panel Prices South Africa guide will show you what you need to know to get the right deal for your budget.
We will also cover all the components needed for a complete solar system. We are often asked to quote o solar panels when the end user actually means a complete solar energy system, solar panels are just one part of what’s needed for a solar panel installation.

Before you even get prices for solar panels decide what your requirements are and what type of system you want.

Do you want to supplement you energy needs and reduce you power bill or do you want to get off the grid totally or do you just need backup for when the power is down.

solar panel prices south africa

Guide – Solar Panel Prices South Africa, What do you need.

Grid Tied Solar energy system (your solar energy is linked to the municipal grid)
Grid tied solar energy system can be run with or without storage batteries when there is no sunlight on the panel you use municipal power.
Off Grid Solar energy (You produce all the electricity you use)
Most Off Grid systems will need storage for power when there is too little or no sunlight to produce the power you need, unless you have a specific application that only needs to work when there is sufficient sunlight like solar borehole pumps or pool pumps.

Grid tied solar energy systems
Most residential installations in South Africa use grid tied inverters where the solar panels will produce all or part of the energy requirements for the household during the day and use grid power at night and when the panels are not producing enough power,in this setup when there is a general power failure the inverters will turn off cutting all power, batteries can be added on to provide backup power during load shedding or general power outages.

Feeding back into to the grid Solar Panel Prices South Africa

What is ment by this is you can setup a system to push any excess power generated back into the grid and reverse your meter or be credited for you power generation.
Not so simple
Your current meter may still count up and charge you for power you are putting back into the grid.
New regulation may require you to register with NERSA to be able to feed back into the grid with an annual fee (is this about proper regulation and quality control or just another revenue stream?)

businesstech image nersa

read more - You may soon need to register and pay Nersa for your personal generators and solar panels

Municipalities allowing you to feed back into the grid may charge you more per kilo watt of power used from the grid than your neighbours who don’t feed into the grid.

Incentive and feeding back into the grid.

feed in tarrifs

read more Solar Power In South Africa wikipedia

The Dream - Off grid Solar Energy systems
Going totally off the grid would be ideal but is usually too expensive for the average home owner because the solar system would need enough battery storage to meet both the average and peak power consumption.
Solar batteries are expensive,
Lead Acid batters you need to double up on the battery capacity to meet your needs discharging the batteries by more the 50% will damage and drastically shorten their lifespan; normal lifespan is about 5 years.
Lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan can discharge to 90% or more but are expensive

Going off the grid with Solar Panels South Africa - not impossible 

off the grid

This system he uses is a 4.8KW Peak with storage.

Goodbye Eskom: Meet the man who lives off-grid in SA

The most cost effective  way to go off the grid would be to replace stoves, ovens, geysers and even fridge/freezers with gas units, then your off the grid system will only need to power small appliances, electronics and lights (LED’s use less power) making the size of you PV system smaller and cheaper.
To try and run you entire house off solar is possible but very expensive and you would be paying more per KW than from grid power over the lifespan of your system and you would periodically need to replace those expensive batteries.

Solar Panel Prices South Africa – Getting Quotes

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Once you have decided on what you will need for a solar system you will need to cost your system.
You are ready to get quotes but don’t be fooled by specials make sure what you see is the full price
Make sure the following is included in the Price
List of all components needed for PV solar energy system

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter – Converts power generated by the panels to usable electricity can have built in charge controller
  • Charge controller – Charge you solar batteries  
  • Solar Electrical Cables and connectors – Feed power from the panels to the inverter.
  • Isolation switches
  • Electrical Cable
  • Mounting brackets for the solar panel
  • Batteries and battery housing depending on type of battery
  • Installation fees
  • Electrician fees – may or may not need rewiring of existing electrical cables

We understand PV systems are a substantial investment and hope you have forn some useful tips with  Solar Panel Prices South Africa


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